Anna Barseghyan

Anna Barseghyan is a political analyst, focusing on the South Caucasus and the European Neighbourhood Policy. She holds master’s degrees from Yerevan State University and the College of Europe in Warsaw, Poland.

Since her student years at Yerevan State University (2012), Anna has been working as a political analyst in various think tanks. Having completed a research internship at the European Parliament, she actively contributes to a number of publications on EU-Armenia relations.

Articles by Anna Barseghyan

Armenian Political Parties’ Affiliations With Their European Counterparts

Several political parties in Armenia are members of officially registered European political parties in the European Parliament. This affiliation offers an opportunity to deepen international cooperation and conduct parliamentary diplomacy.

Partnership vs. Membership: EU and EAEU Pandemic Support to Armenia

COVID-19 tested governments around the world and has shown the need for global cooperation. Anna Barseghyan looks at EU and EAEU assistance to Armenia over the last several months.

Erdoganism and the Conversion of the Hagia Sophia

July 24 marked the first Muslim prayer service in the Hagia Sophia in almost 90 years. Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman policies are also reverting other aspects of Turkish society back to a bygone era.

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