Gayane Ghazaryan


Gayane Ghazaryan is a graduate of the American University of Armenia with a degree in communications. She periodically writes articles and makes graphics for EVN Report. Gayane’s work revolves around topics of memory and exploration of narratives. She also does documentary photography as a medium for visual storytelling. 

Articles by Gayane Ghazaryan

The Refugees: A Family of Strangers

As the war rages on, almost 80,000 Armenians from Artsakh have fled their native towns and cities and found refuge throughout Armenia proper. While they are grateful for the care they are receiving, their dream is to go back home.

The Home Front: A Spirit of Solidarity and Love

For a week now, Yerevan seems to have changed its colors, its mood and even its soundscape. While the war rages on the front lines, the home front is bursting with support, solidarity and love.

Margahovit: Empower a Girl, Build a Village

Warm House, a social enterprise run entirely by young girls in the village of Margahovit, is not only experimenting with new crops in its greenhouse, it is changing and challenging stereotypes.

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