Gayane Ghazaryan


Gayane Ghazaryan is a graduate of the American University of Armenia with a degree in communications. She periodically writes articles and makes graphics for EVN Report. Gayane’s work revolves around topics of memory and exploration of narratives. She also does documentary photography as a medium for visual storytelling. 

Articles by Gayane Ghazaryan

A Man’s World? Gender Stereotypes and Underrepresentation of Women in Textbooks

A close examination of Armenian public school textbooks reveals persistent gender bias and stereotyping at almost all grade levels.

Art and Social Change: Mughdusyan’s Mission of Emancipating Women and Empowering Youth

Mariam Mughdusyan had a dream and a goal - to bring about social change through the power of art and music and give children what she was once deprived of and help them to overcome poverty.

From Censorship to State Sponsorship: The Fate of Jazz in the Soviet Union and Armenia

Jazz and Armenia have a complicated history. From its early beginnings under Soviet rule to contemporary interpretations of jazz, the genre is part of the fabric of Armenian cultural life.

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