Hovhannes Nazaretyan

Hovhannes Nazaretyan is a graduate of the American University of Armenia. He now works at Fip.am, a fact-checking platform affiliated with the NGO Union of Informed Citizens. He specializes in fact-checking politicians and the media and investigative journalism.

Articles by Hovhannes Nazaretyan

Azerbaijan’s War Crimes

Numerous war crimes were committed during and after the 2020 Artsakh War. This article provides an overview and lists many of the most horrendous and brutal war crimes committed by Azerbaijani military against Armenian servicemen and civilians.

Understanding the Region: Agriculture in the South Caucasus

From widespread collectivization of farms during the Soviet era to privatization after independence in 1991, the state of agriculture in the three countries of the South Caucasus.

Agriculture in Armenia: An Overview

From animal husbandry to crop varieties to land fragmentation resulting from the abolition of Soviet collectivized farms following independence, an overview of Armenia’s agricultural sector.

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