Hovsep Markarian

Hovsep is a recent MA Cultural Studies graduate from SOAS, University of London. His research has focused on culture, diaspora studies, migration and development in the context of Armenia and the Middle East. He also has experience in the nonprofit sector, working with Jusoor (Lebanon) and the Armenian Institute (UK). Prior to his graduate studies, Hovsep studied English Language and Literature across Lebanon, Ireland and Armenia - where he is currently based.

Articles by Hovsep Markarian

Notes From the Underground (Vol. 3)

Despite the many challenges, old and new artists in Armenia’s underground music scene continue paving the way for the future of local regional music. And you can also find out what fruit they associate their music with.

Digital Pomegranate and Distrikt: Connecting Tech to Sustainable Living in Gyumri

Digital Pomegranate, already into its eighth year, has played an active role in shifting the image of Gyumri from a city of poverty and tragedy to a city with a viable future. Its new project, Distrikt, promises to be the first SDG compatible community in the world.

Fixing the Cracks: Building in an Earthquake Zone

A 4.7 magnitude earthquake rattled Yerevan back in February. Although it didn’t cause significant harm to people or structures, it triggered the inescapable question: Can Armenia withstand another major earthquake?

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