Irina Ghaplanyan

Dr. Irina Ghaplanyan is the former Deputy Minister of Environment of the Republic of Armenia. Prior to joining the Armenian government, following the Velvet Revolution of the spring of 2018, Dr. Ghaplanyan worked in a number of international organizations and think tanks around the world to include UNDP, Georgetown University, Eurasia Foundation and Chatham House. She has also been a catalyst for change in the field of sustainable business and social entrepreneurship in Armenia.

Dr. Ghaplanyan holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Cambridge, has a number of academic and media publications, as well as a recently published book titled “Post-Soviet Armenia: The New National Elite and the New National Narrative”. 

Articles by Irina Ghaplanyan

Armenia’s Environmental Security

Armenia has an incredible potential to tap into its natural resources sustainably and moreover ensure green economic growth. What is needed is visionary thinking as well as effective, professional and technocratic governance.

Armenia Bans Plastic Bags

The government of Armenia has set the effective date for a ban on plastic bags to January 1, 2022. It is projected that the ban will reduce plastic waste by nearly 4000 tons annually.

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