Joe Nerssessian

Joe Nerssessian is an Armenia-based freelance journalist who has covered everything from red carpets in Paris to riots in London. A former Press Association reporter in the UK, he is largely interested in human stories and how the actions of those in power impact normal people's lives.  

Articles by Joe Nerssessian

Artsakh Refugees Dream of Home as War Rages On

It had been almost two decades since Gohar Karapetyan last made the trip from Artsakh to Yerevan when she decided, on the morning of October 1, to repeat the journey, this time to escape a raging war.

The Mixed Messaging of Ilham Aliyev

Armenophobic comments from Azerbaijani’s President are nothing new. He has long drummed up support among his population by promoting hatred against Armenians and using dehumanizing language, often referring to them as dogs and vermin.

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