Mikael Yalanuzyan

He graduated from Yerevan State University’s Faculty of History, and then from the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. He has worked in the field of information and public relations. He has also worked with Armenian media for many years. He created the "Media World" and "History of Independence" programs at the Public Radio of Armenia. In collaboration with Mediamax Agency, he prepared the “Republic” project, which was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the first Republic of Armenia. He has now joined the “Armenian Red” project about Soviet Armenia. He is the orbeli.am website editor and coordinator of the "Orbeli" information-analytical center.

Articles by Mikael Yalanuzyan

The 1919 National Elections

Although the short-lived First Republic of Armenia is often viewed through the prism of the government’s activities, such as military operations, state defense, social issues, and foreign policy, the electoral processes at the time parallel today’s reality.

Caricature: From the Soviet Era to Independence

Political caricature was an inseparable companion of the newspapers that were being formed under the new freedoms of speech and the press of independent Armenia.

The Calamitous 1921 Treaty of Moscow

The Treaty of Moscow reaffirmed, almost identically, the borders laid out in the Treaty of Alexandropol. Armenia, thus, conceded 20,000 square kilometers to Turkey. Mikayel Yalanuzyan reveals the details of those turbulent times.

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