Narine Vlasyan

Narine Vlasyan holds an MPhil degree in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology from the University of Oxford. Her main research interests lie in the fields of sociolinguistics (language maintenance and shift studies, bilingualism, multilingualism, Armenian dialectology) and pragmatics (im/politeness theories). Narine is also interested in the state of Armenian in the Diaspora, particularly in how well the language is preserved in Armenian communities around the world.

Articles by Narine Vlasyan

“Apricot War” and Beyond: What Recent Events in Russia Tell Us About Armenian Communities

It was only when Armenians in Russia came under direct provocations and attack by Azerbaijanis, that community members mobilized, writes Narine Vlasyan and ponders if this is what it takes for the Russian-Armenian community to get organized.

Shamakhi: A Lost Dialect, a Lost Identity

Shamakhi is an Armenian dialect that is on the verge of extinction. While many Armenians from Shamakhi feel a sense of pride in their history and dialect, for the new generation who, along with the rest of the Shamakhetsis were forced to flee their village during the Karabakh War, the dialect is simply a matter of history.

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