Paul Mirabile

Paul Mirabile studied at the French University of Vincennes-Paris VIII, majoring in mediaeval philology, literature and History, defending his doctoral thesis on the Genèse de la Chanson de Roland: la théorie de l'entonnoir. He has worked and travelled for the past 35 years in Europe, Turkey, South India, China and Russia teaching at universities or in high schools, studying the languages, History and mediaeval literature of those countries. His interest in Turkic and Armenian relationships has developed out of the readings of Dede Korkut Kitabı and David of Sassoun and from observations of the present day political circumstances between Turks and Armenians, between Turkey and Armenia.


Articles by Paul Mirabile

Turkish, Azerbaijani Identity Void and Genocide

Is it necessary to assimilate or exterminate a people to affirm one's identity? Has an Azerbaijani identity been founded upon the genocide of a people, who, like in Turkey, lived side by side with the Turkic populations until the rise of nationalism?

On the Frontier of Western and Eastern Armenia

Western Armenia or Eastern Turkey? This 'lost homeland' has been a thorn in Turkey's side since 1923. The thorn reminds the Turks and the Kurds of a people who lived and thrived in Turkey, and who played an enormous role in the unfolding of Turkey's history, writes Paul Mirabile.

Convergences and Divergences in the Armenian and Native American Genocides

A nation that has been confronted by the choice to either adopt another's culture by subterfuge or by violence, or face cultural extinction is a nation that has experienced the agony of cultural genocide. A conversation between two historians.

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