Raffi Kassarjian


Raffi Kassarjian is the Executive Director of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE). With over thirty years of experience managing tech enterprises, he also serves on the advisory boards of EVN Report, Impact Hub Yerevan and Repat Armenia.

Articles by Raffi Kassarjian

Despair, Anger or Resolve

Resolve is different from blind faith that “this too shall pass.” We need the entire Armenian nation to start getting ready for the next encounter, writes Raffi Kassarjian.

Covid-19 in Armenia: Making Sense of the Numbers, Part II

In this second part of Making Sense of the Numbers, Raffi Kassarjian, using a number of metrics, looks at the development of the virus and governments’ efforts to balance managing its progress with sustaining a minimum level of economic and social activity.

Covid-19 in Armenia: Making Sense of the Numbers

Armenia is struggling to find the appropriate balance between health and safety on the one hand, and the threat of severe economic disruption on the other. Raffi Kassarjian looks at the data to understand what is driving the increasing number of cases.

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