Roubina Margossian

A writer and photojournalist, Roubina has worked at a number of media organizations including Armenia TV. She was a correspondent for Kuwait TV from Lebanon and previously served as the English language editor at CivilNet. She is the Managing Editor at EVN Report.

Articles by Roubina Margossian

It Has to Be Said: A Country Without Glass

It is hard to have two countries to love differently but with equal vulnerability, writes Roubina Margossian as she reflects on the catastrophic explosion at the Port of Beirut.

Dispatches From Beirut: An Untenable Future

The beleaguered Armenian residents of Beirut recount the moment a catastrophic explosion destroyed their city. While they will now have to rebuild, many wonder about the future.

Dispatches From Beirut: The Protesters

Demonstrators in Beirut, venting their rage against a government that has failed them miserably, clashed with security forces today in a second consecutive day of protests. EVN Report’s Roubina Margossian was there and filed these images.

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