Roubina Margossian

A writer and photojournalist, Roubina has worked at a number of media organizations including Armenia TV. She was a correspondent for Kuwait TV from Lebanon and previously served as the English language editor at CivilNet. She is the Managing Editor at EVN Report.

Articles by Roubina Margossian

It Has To Be Said: Suspended

Maybe I better stop here and not burden you with another opinion. Or maybe I'll do a quick rendition of history, writes Roubina Margossian.

It Has To Be Said: Fighting Windmills During a Pandemic

In this week’s editorial, Roubina Margossian writes that most of us would put our lives on the line for our country, but at times of a pandemic we would rather fight windmills.

It Has To Be Said: Disappointment

In this week’s It Has To Be Said editorial, Managing Editor Roubina Margossian looks at the psychological impact of disappointment.

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