Samson Avetian

Samson Avetian is the co-founder and VP of Angel Investor Club of Armenia ( He is the author of the book: “Armenian Economy: the Next 25 Years”. Samson Avetian is also an Adjunct Lecturer at American University of Armenia and Invited instructor at YSM University’s Executive MBA program. Other engagements include board memberships and advisory.

Articles by Samson Avetian

Has Armenia’s Growth Outlook Improved?

Samson Avetian looks at a number of variables that can impact Armenia’s economic growth outlook and writes that despite the challenges, the Velvet Revolution has catalyzed and facilitated meaningful improvement and thus raised longer run GDP growth projections.

Armenia’s Investment Potential is Substantial, But Internal Discourse Needs to Be Carefully Managed

There is potential for an increase in investment activity in Armenia. Expectations of entrepreneurs need to be carefully managed in order to see this acceleration happen already as early as 2019, writes Samson Avetian.

Taxes, Governance and the New Armenia

There has been much discussion about the new tax reform being proposed by Armenia’s new government. Samson Avetian teases out some of the key issues of the reform.

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