Sergey Sargsyan

Sergey Sargsyan is a writer, comedian and co-founder of the Armenian political satire show ArmComedy. His previous experience includes seven years of international development projects under the USAID umbrella, such as IFES (elections administration), NDI (political parties program) and USAID Anti-Corruption project. Sergey holds a Ph.D. in philology and is a lecturer at the American University of Armenia.

Articles by Sergey Sargsyan

Armenians Online or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embraced Criticism

Comedian and co-founder of ArmComedy Sergey Sargsyan offers some interesting advice about what to do when confronted with hateful comments on social media.

My Conquest of Armenian Identity

Irony lurks in every corner of Armenia, writes Sergey Sargsyan, the "Russian boy" who went into the voting booth and got himself a neat Armenian accent.

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