Seeking Permanence in Pixels: Digital Echoes of Cultural Genocide

For decades, the Azerbaijani government has engaged in the destruction of Armenian monuments in its quest to erase all evidence of our culture. But the campaign of cultural erasure stretches beyond the physical, to the digital realm as well.

Digital Pomegranate and Distrikt: Connecting Tech to Sustainable Living in Gyumri

Digital Pomegranate, already into its eighth year, has played an active role in shifting the image of Gyumri from a city of poverty and tragedy to a city with a viable future. Its new project, Distrikt, promises to be the first SDG compatible community in the world.

An Armenian Painter’s Foray Into the Cryptic World of NFTs

Masha Keryan collaborated with Armenian AR/VR game development app Arloopa on an experimental project to showcase some of her artwork digitally. The result was their first-ever AR exhibition of NFT pieces and VR Tilt Brush sculptures.

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