Turkish, Azerbaijani Identity Void and Genocide

Is it necessary to assimilate or exterminate a people to affirm one's identity? Has an Azerbaijani identity been founded upon the genocide of a people, who, like in Turkey, lived side by side with the Turkic populations until the rise of nationalism?

From the Forgotten Pages of History: Writer Zaruhi Kalemkearian

As one of the first Armenian feminist writers, Zaruhi Kalemkearian left a rich legacy including articles, essays, memoirs and poems. Once a beloved writer widely known in Armenian communities around the world, today, she is remembered by only a few.

Demarcation of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Border in Syunik

Volunteers and mayors have been left to fend for themselves as Azerbaijani troops walk up to and past the edges of their border communities in an area that was never demarcated as an international border.

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