Dispatches From Beirut: The Protesters

Demonstrators in Beirut, venting their rage against a government that has failed them miserably, clashed with security forces today in a second consecutive day of protests. EVN Report’s Roubina Margossian was there and filed these images.

Dispatches From Beirut

Residents of Beirut try to come to grips with the devastating blast on August 4, 2020, that destroyed parts of the port and several neighborhoods, leaving over 150 dead, almost 6000 wounded and over 300,000 homeless. Photo story by Roubina Margossian from Beirut.

Iraqi Refugees in Armenia: Braving COVID-19 With Resilience and Optimism

Despite the COVID-19 emergency piling on top of displacement-related issues, a refugee family from Iraq is filled with optimism, striving for a better future in Armenia.

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