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January 21, 2022

Ep. 171: The Week in Review (21.01.22)

In EVN Report’s news roundup for the week of January 21: Armenia’s Foreign Ministry denies that Armenia set preconditions for the demarcation of the border with Azerbaijan; the trial of former Defense Minister Davit Tonoyan kicks off; COVID numbers are on the rise again in Armenia and more.

November 15, 2020

War Ends, What Follows?

In the wake of the November 10 ceasefire agreement and introduction of Russian peacekeepers to Artsakh, details of its implementation are still being discussed. Meanwhile, opposition party leaders were arrested for allegedly planning Pashinyan’s assassination.

November 7, 2020

Updates From Artsakh: All Eyes On Shushi

Intense battles have been taking place around Shushi. Azerbaijani forces were able to advance closer to the city today. According to the Defense Ministry, Azerbaijan is putting all of its power into capturing the symbolic fortress town.

November 6, 2020

Updates From Artsakh: The Defense of Shushi

Armenia’s Defense Ministry says that, after intense battles, the defense of Shushi has been successful. After heavy bombing the night before, an elderly woman and her two grandchildren were killed. Here is a chronology of official updates.