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October 14, 2019
Women on Bikes

Women on Bikes

While understanding the historical importance and benefits of bicycles in women’s lives, why are less females riding bikes? Some major cities in the U.S. and Europe have conducted studies to understand this, and the main factor is safety.

August 4, 2018
Anahit Sukiasyan

Feminism Reinterpreted

About the moment when it becomes clear where achieving your dream through hard work ends and paying dues to convention begins, when it is no longer enough to be smart and goal oriented, one has to also be born male.

March 20, 2018
Ոչ թե ինչ, այլ ինչու․ նահապետականության բնորոշիչները

Not What But Why: The Nature of Patriarchy

Gender discrimination is a deeply cultural problem, Rafik Santrosyan writes. The incident last month in Yerevan City Hall where a group of men beat a woman councilor highlight how patriarchal relations, toxic masculinity and internalized misogyny have influenced the public discourse.