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November 2, 2023
Ծննդաբերություն դուլայի օգնությամբ

Giving Birth With a Doula

While doulas are still uncommon in Armenia, some women are turning to them to help their birthing process be a more positive and empowering experience. Doulas provide emotional support, knowledge and are a reassuring presence to help women navigate the journey of childbirth.

June 20, 2021
Armenia Votes: Live Updates

Armenia Votes: Live Updates

As Armenian citizens head to the polls to vote in an early parliamentary election today, the country is bracing itself for one of the most unpredictable election outcomes since independence. Live updates from Election Day.

September 28, 2019
EVN WALKS: A Gyumretsi in Yerevan

EVN WALKS: A Gyumretsi in Yerevan

A special podcast series featuring ordinary people walking through the streets of Armenia’s capital city Yerevan. This week’s host is Susanna Ghazoyan, a resident of Gyumri, currently a Masters student in Yerevan who considers herself to be a pretty funny person.

December 7, 2018
Her Revolution

Gyumri 1988 – 2018: Rising Still

Thirty years ago, a devastating earthquake ripped through northern Armenia, killing over 25 thousand people, destroying buildings, decimating entire villages and in its ominous wake, leaving a people traumatized. Today, 30 years on, Gyumri, one of the hardest hit cities, is rising.

June 27, 2018
The Sculptor of Death Masks

The Sculptor of Death Masks

Born in Gyumri in the late 19th century, Sergey Merkurov is considered the greatest Soviet master of death masks. He was highly sought after to take the death masks of various Soviet luminaries and leaders, as well as prominent cultural figures of the era.