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April 16, 2024

Hrant Davtyan: LLMs for Data Analytics and Document Understanding

Hrant Davtyan, founder and CEO of Metric and Pinsight, joins us to discuss how his company is building open source LLMs that are able to conduct analytics and extract insights from documents. Pinsight’s product, Anania, allows users to speak directly with their data – asking questions such as how much revenue the company generated last month, or when was the last time a certain customer placed an order. Hrant also shared with us the journey of finding a product that can gain market traction in the era of generative AI, and his thoughts on what ideas are worth pursuing in the AI space.

December 19, 2023

Sona Veziryan: Recapping 2023 in Tech in Armenia

Sona Veziryan, Director of the Business Angel Network of Armenia (BANA), joins us to provide a review of the progress and developments in Armenia’s tech ecosystem throughout 2023. Sona offered insights into the variety of companies she encounters as an investor, and the kinds of companies she aspires to see more of in Armenia in the future. She also shared with us her thoughts on the state of the investment landscape both in Armenia, as well as globally, and what she expects in 2024. Lastly, Sona shared her thoughts on how to popularize angel investing in Armenia.

November 7, 2023
Mushegh Gevorgyan: Defensible Businesses Using AI

Mushegh Gevorgyan: Defensible Businesses Using AI

Mushegh Gevorgyan, the co-founder and CEO of Dowork.ai and Rumors Monitoring, discusses his entrepreneurial journey and the work he and his teams are doing at his two companies. Mushegh began by sharing his path with Rumors Monitoring, a platform that provides insights into how companies are perceived across the media sphere and his most recent venture, Dowork.ai, an AI agent for customer service applications. Mushegh also spoke about pivoting ideas and building defensible businesses on top of LLM layers such as GPT.

September 5, 2023

Mariam Torosyan: Building a Virtual Safe Space for Women

Mariam Torosyan, the CEO and founder of Safe YOU, joined us to discuss her platform's mission to empower women by providing tools to report cases of sexual and domestic violence, seek help, and to create a virtual safe space for women. We delved into the progress Safe YOU has made since its inception three years ago, including the thoughtful consideration of various cultural factors that guide their implementation strategies. Lastly, Mariam shared her insights on the current state of women in the tech industry in Armenia, highlighting the efforts and challenges in ensuring that women not only have access to opportunities but are also encouraged to establish companies and assume leadership roles.