Tag: Mariam Torosyan

September 5, 2023

Mariam Torosyan: Building a Virtual Safe Space for Women

Mariam Torosyan, the CEO and founder of Safe YOU, joined us to discuss her platform's mission to empower women by providing tools to report cases of sexual and domestic violence, seek help, and to create a virtual safe space for women. We delved into the progress Safe YOU has made since its inception three years ago, including the thoughtful consideration of various cultural factors that guide their implementation strategies. Lastly, Mariam shared her insights on the current state of women in the tech industry in Armenia, highlighting the efforts and challenges in ensuring that women not only have access to opportunities but are also encouraged to establish companies and assume leadership roles.

September 2, 2020

Gender-Based Violence: How a New App Can Potentially Save Lives

Mariam Torosyan, Co-founder and CEO of Impact Innovations Institute speaks about an app they have developed called Safe YOU, which seeks to raise awareness, consult and empower women through community. It assists in the battle against gender-based violence in three important ways: prevention, protection and prosecution.