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February 9, 2022
Innovative Teaching Tools

Innovative Teaching Tools

Back in 2020, the Paradigma Education Foundation published the “Guidebook on History Teaching: Why, How?” for teachers in Armenia the purpose of which is to develop active historical thinking. This year, they launched another innovative tool for teachers—a gender history pack—called History #5. Co-founder Narek Manukyan speaks to EVN Report about the idea, the journey and the purpose of this new tool.

May 19, 2021
Post-War Diplomacy

How Not to Teach History

Narek Manukyan, co-founder of the Paradigma Educational Foundation speaks to EVN Report about how educators approach the way history is taught in the classroom, how teachers design their lesson plans and how this can impact identity and development.

June 24, 2020

Empowering Teachers

Narek Manukyan, co-founder of Paradigma Educational Foundation speaks to EVN Report about “EdCamp Armenia” the first general education and teaching conference that took place online with the participation of thousands of teachers from across the country.