Armenian-Azerbaijani Hybrid Warfare

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artur papyan podcast


After Azerbaijani forces began shelling Armenian positions on the international border between the two countries on July 12, Azerbaijani hackers launched cyber attacks on a number of Armenian state and media websites and vice versa. Digital security consultant and co-founder of CyberHub Artur Papyan explains the logic, history and potential danger of this hybrid warfare.

What we talked about:


- The history of Armenian-Azerbaijani cyber war

- Azerbaijani state-level sponsorship of cyber attacks 

- The recent defacing of Armenian governmental websites by Azerbaijani hackers and the response of Armenian hackers

- Cyber attacks - the new battlefield of the 21st century 

- The transformation of cyber attacks over the decades 

- Nothing is unhackable - damage must simply be minimized

- Armenia’s response and quick mobilization to restore the websites 

- Armenian hacking groups and their activities 

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