The Resilience of Tavush

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bagrat srbazan podcast


Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan, the Primate of the Diocese of Tavush speaks about the strength, patriotism and resilience of the people living in the border villages and towns along the Armenia-Azerbaijan state border. He says the imperative is to develop and strengthen infrastructure and institutions in Tavush and it is the responsibility of the Armenian nation to support them through investments and not only charity.

What we talked about:


- How the residents of Tavush’s border villages live in constant danger.

- The dedication and patriotism of the people in border villages and towns. 

- The importance of strengthening security, the healthcare system, education and socio-economic life.

- How to turn disadvantages into advantages and challenges into opportunities in Tavush.

- Military and socio-economic protection of border regions must be a national priority. 

- The necessity of participating and investing in Tavush.

- Residents of border villages serving as contract soldiers on the border.

- Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan’s message to the world.

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