Cross-Border Journalism and Armenian Elections

Tabea Grzeszyk, CEO and founder of Hostwriter, a platform for cross-border collaboration and Nikolai Atefie, an Austrian journalist are in Yerevan to launch the Agora Project, a temporary European newsroom for journalists. Ten journalists from different European countries are in Armenia as part of the project to cover the parliamentary elections. Tabea and Nikolai spoke with EVN Report about their experience.


Russian Armenians: Navigating Identity

In the traditional Diaspora narrative, American-Armenian, Syrian-Armenian and many other options exist, but Russian-Armenian has never been on the list according to journalist Grigor Atanesian who was born and raised in Saint Petersburg. He says that you’re either Russian or Armenian. "Visiting Armenia, we were the Russian kids who found love in a hopeless place," he writes.


Where Have the Women Gone?

The voices of women writers occupy a small space in the Armenian literary canon. They are for the most part absent in literature textbooks in Armenia with the exception of a few women writers, mentioned only in passing. Contemporary women writers, translators and educators answer the question: Where have the women gone?


Armenophobia in Azerbaijan: Causes and Effects

An entire generation of Azerbaijanis has grown up in an atmosphere of hate against the Armenians. State-sponsored Armenophobia has penetrated all spheres of Azerbaijani society. Political Scientist Anzhela Elibegova examines the causes and effects of that policy.

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