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Babken DerGrigorian: Harnessing Geospatial Data

Babken DerGrigorian, co-founder and CEO of Kartes Analytica, joins us to discuss the role geospatial data plays in national defense applications. Babken breaks down the data that is collected through satellites, and how it needs to be processed to provide insights for better decision making. We also spoke about the current regulatory environment around space tech in the country, and how Kartes became the first private company to receive a space license in the country.
Emmanuel Ghandilyan: Bioinks and the Future of Medicine

Emmanuel Ghandilyan: Bioinks and the Future of Medicine

Emmanuel Ghandilyan, co-founder and CEO of Foldink, joins us to discuss the world of bioprinting and how bioinks, the source material used to 3D print biological materials, will fuel innovation in regenerative medicine, cell cultured foods, and personalized medicine. Emmanuel shared with us his company’s approach to producing bioinks, and the promise the technology holds for the future of medicine and other advancements in biological sciences.

Luiza Avetisyan: Why Employers Need to Care About Their Brand

Luiza Avetisyan: Why Employers Need to Care About Their Brand

Luiza Avetisyan, the co-founder of Staff.am and Hirebee, joins us to discuss her journey as a serial entrepreneur in the HR tech space. Luiza spoke about the impact Staff.am has had on raising employer brand awareness in Armenia’s labor market, and how Hirebee is helping companies recruit global teams more effectively. We also spoke about trends in Armenia’s labor market, such as the influx of Russian tech workers and companies to Armenia. Lastly, Luiza shared with us her most recent initiative, FemPower, which has a mission of empowering one million women globally to pursue their careers and start businesses.

Seda Papoyan: Breaking Barriers for Girls in Tech

Seda Papoyan, founder of FemInno, a female innovation conference and platform, joins us to discuss her efforts in advocating for greater engagement from women in STEM fields. Seda shared the fundamental barriers girls face in entering STEM fields in Armenia. We also spoke about how FemInno has grown into an international initiative, with events taking place in San Francisco and Sydney, in addition to Armenia.

Hrant Davtyan: LLMs for Data Analytics and Document Understanding

Hrant Davtyan, founder and CEO of Metric and Pinsight, joins us to discuss how his company is building open source LLMs that are able to conduct analytics and extract insights from documents. Pinsight’s product, Anania, allows users to speak directly with their data – asking questions such as how much revenue the company generated last month, or when was the last time a certain customer placed an order. Hrant also shared with us the journey of finding a product that can gain market traction in the era of generative AI, and his thoughts on what ideas are worth pursuing in the AI space.

Lilit Margaryan: A Science Week to Popularize Science in Armenia

Lilit Margaryan, the operations manager of Gituzh, joins us to discuss what the initiative has managed to achieve over the last three years. We also dive into the concept of national research and innovation systems, and discuss the prioritization of strategic scientific directions. Lastly, Lilit shares with us their upcoming initiative called Science Week, a week-long series of events that aims to promote science in Armenia.

Vahe Nigoghosian: Developing Armenia’s Mechanical Engineering Chops

Vahe Nigoghosian, the founder of EngineerX, joins us to discuss their efforts in building a mechanical engineering ecosystem in Armenia. Vahe shared their recent achievement of becoming an official partner of engineering software provider SolidWorks in Armenia, and the importance of building up a talent pool with expertise in using the system. We also spoke about Vahe’s experience doing business in Armenia, and what it would take to attract a Fortune 500 engineering firm to open an office in the country․

Martin Mirakyan: Delivering Hands-on Computer Science Education

Martin Mirakyan, founder and CEO of Profound Academy, joins us to discuss how their educational platform helps institutions deliver personalized computer science education for their students. Martin explains how Profound Academy utilizes an interactive approach to education, including their use of AI to provide personalized help to students when they’re struggling to understand difficult concepts or complete challenging assignments.

Karine Martirosyan: Building Virtual Fitting Rooms

Karine Martirosyan, the founder and CEO of Wearify, joins us to discuss her start-up’s vision for helping online consumers try on clothes virtually before buying them. Karine shares how Wearify builds 3D avatars of their users so that they can see how clothes look on them while shopping online, just as they would in a real store. We also spoke about the role that 3D avatars will take on in the coming years as digital environments become increasingly used for a variety of use cases. Lastly, Karine shared her thoughts on how to decentralize tech in Armenia and promote greater activity outside of Yerevan.

Mikayel Khachatryan: AI-Generated Stock Content

Mikayel Khachatryan: AI-Generated Stock Content

Mikayel Khachatryan, the cofounder and CEO of Wirestock joins us to discuss their company’s increased focus on generative AI for stock content. Mikayel shared the trends he has seen in generated images becoming more common in stock marketplaces, and the products Wirestock is building to enable creators to make money in the age of generative AI. Lastly, he spoke about the capabilities of image and video generation models, and what he expects to see in the coming years.

Tigran Nazaryan: AI-Built Websites

Tigran Nazaryan: AI-Built Websites

Tigran Nazaryan, co-founder of 10Web, joins us to discuss how their platform allows users to build websites using AI. Tigran shared with us the founding story of the company, and how their product’s popularity has grown over the last few years. Lastly, Tigran spoke about how AI-built websites will evolve as the capabilities of large AI models continue to develop.

Samson Avetian: Democratizing Start-up Investing in Armenia

Samson Avetian, the founder and CEO of Eqwefy, joins us to speak about how the platform they’re building is helping enable non-traditional investors to invest in Armenian start-ups. Samson also shared his thoughts on the importance of educating society on personal finance, and encouraging more investing throughout society.

Sona Veziryan: Recapping 2023 in Tech in Armenia

Sona Veziryan, Director of the Business Angel Network of Armenia (BANA), joins us to provide a review of the progress and developments in Armenia’s tech ecosystem throughout 2023. Sona offered insights into the variety of companies she encounters as an investor, and the kinds of companies she aspires to see more of in Armenia in the future. She also shared with us her thoughts on the state of the investment landscape both in Armenia, as well as globally, and what she expects in 2024. Lastly, Sona shared her thoughts on how to popularize angel investing in Armenia.

Arman Atoyan: Augmenting Reality

Arman Atoyan, founder and CEO of ARLOOPA, joins us to discuss all things augmented and virtual reality. We discussed how his company enables anyone to build augmented reality (AR) experiences and content using the ARLOOPA platform. Arman also shared with us the history of AR, how it’s developed over the last decade, and what capabilities can be expected in upcoming releases from the major players in AR.

Adam Bittlingmayer: Machine Translation

Adam Bittlingmayer, co-founder and CEO of ModelFront, discusses how machine translation has evolved and improved over the last 15 years. Adam explained how his company aids human translators by identifying sections of machine-translated text in need of human review, enabling them to concentrate on specific areas rather than the whole text. Finally, we delved into the ongoing debates within the AI community regarding the acceleration versus deceleration of AI development, and explored Adam’s perspectives on the future direction of the AI ecosystem.

Anna Shahinyan: AI for Medical Imaging

Anna Shahinyan: AI for Medical Imaging

Anna Shahinyan, co-founder and CEO of Fivebrane, leads a platform designed to streamline the development of AI models in healthcare. Fivebrane provides tools that enable data scientists and healthcare professionals to collaborate while working with the data critical to developing their models. It also provides analytical tools to evaluate the quality of their data. Anna shared with us how AI is used in medical imaging and healthcare today, and the potential it has to help doctors drive better treatment outcomes.

Christian Posse: AI for the Trades

Christian Posse, the Vice President of Data and AI at ServiceTitan, joins us to discuss his long career in the world of data science, and how data practices inform decisions and influence product development at the world’s largest companies. We also spoke about how start-ups should best utilize the generative AI technologies that have been released over the last few years, and how ServiceTitan has been building them into their products.

Mushegh Gevorgyan: Defensible Businesses Using AI

Mushegh Gevorgyan: Defensible Businesses Using AI

Mushegh Gevorgyan, the co-founder and CEO of Dowork.ai and Rumors Monitoring, discusses his entrepreneurial journey and the work he and his teams are doing at his two companies. Mushegh began by sharing his path with Rumors Monitoring, a platform that provides insights into how companies are perceived across the media sphere and his most recent venture, Dowork.ai, an AI agent for customer service applications. Mushegh also spoke about pivoting ideas and building defensible businesses on top of LLM layers such as GPT.

Gevorg Poghosyan: Building a Global Expert Community

Gevorg Poghosyan, the founder and CEO of reArmenia, joins us to discuss how their platform has facilitated collaboration between Armenians globally over the last two years. Through reArmenia, projects can raise funds or find collaborators who can serve as advisors for projects. Gevorg spoke about reArmenia’s curated “Expert Community'', a group of professionals worldwide who are matched with projects on reArmenia that they can contribute their expertise to. Lastly, Gevorg shared what he has learned throughout his career about what the tech industry can actually contribute to Armenia’s development.

Adrine Naslyan: Enabling Remote Rehabilitation Through VR

Adrine Naslyan, the General Manager of QaylTech, joins us to discuss how her company enables remote rehabilitation using virtual reality. QaylTech’s devices, such as MetaGait, allow people with disabilities to imitate gait (a person’s manner of walking) while being immersed in a virtual environment using VR headsets. Adrine shared how QaylTech’s idea emerged after the April 2016 war, and how their products have helped wounded soldiers, and other people with disabilities in continuing their rehabilitation process.

Irina Ghazaryan: Facilitating Medical Appointments and Building for the Armenian Market

Irina Ghazaryan: Facilitating Medical Appointments and Building for the Armenian Market

Irina Ghazaryan, Co-founder and CEO of Doctor Yan, joined us to talk about how her startup simplifies the process of scheduling and managing appointments for doctors and patients in Armenia. Ghazaryan also spoke about Doctor Yan's additional initiatives, such as educating the public about specific treatment protocols and offering guidance on the recommended frequency of medical check-ups. Lastly, we discussed creating venture-backed startups for the Armenian market, and the potential for expanding these products to international markets in the future.

Sargis Karapetyan: The Tech Community’s Role in Armenia’s Future

Sargis Karapetyan, the interim CEO of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE), joins us to discuss the tech community’s role in building a prosperous and secure future for Armenia. Karapetyan explained his vision for UATE and the role it needs to play in talent building, fostering connections in the industry and advocating for a regulatory framework under which companies in Armenia can solve hard tech problems. We also spoke about Digitec 2023’s reboot, and its emphasis on building for the local market. Lastly, Karapetyan spoke about the innovation center that UATE launched in Ijevan earlier this year, and plans for building similar innovation centers across the country.

Avetik Grigoryan & Masis Kumrigyan: Building Satellites in Armenia

Avetik Grigoryan, the CEO and Co-Founder of Bazoomq Space Research Laboratory, and Masis Kumrigyan, the Technical Director of Space Programs at the Center for Scientific Innovation and Education (CSIE), join us to discuss the upcoming launch of Hayasat-1. Developed in a partnership between Bazoomq and CSIE, Hayasat-1 is a CubeSat. Grigoryan and Kumrigyan explain what CubeSats are, their uses, and the current trends in satellite technologies. We also talk about the development process of Hayasat-1 and its potential implications for the future of Armenia's space industry. Finally, we discuss the importance of popularizing science and space in Armenia and explore why this is significant.

Mariam Torosyan: Building a Virtual Safe Space for Women

Mariam Torosyan, the CEO and founder of Safe YOU, joined us to discuss her platform's mission to empower women by providing tools to report cases of sexual and domestic violence, seek help, and to create a virtual safe space for women. We delved into the progress Safe YOU has made since its inception three years ago, including the thoughtful consideration of various cultural factors that guide their implementation strategies. Lastly, Mariam shared her insights on the current state of women in the tech industry in Armenia, highlighting the efforts and challenges in ensuring that women not only have access to opportunities but are also encouraged to establish companies and assume leadership roles.

Narek Aslikyan: Armenia’s Talent Infrastructure

In this episode, Narek Aslikyan, co-founder and CEO of Armenian Code Academy, provides insight into the Armenian tech industry's talent infrastructure. He explains how the Academy prepares individuals for employment in both technical and non-technical roles. We also discussed what is required to create employment opportunities outside Yerevan, and the strategies to encourage various stakeholders to expand into different regions of Armenia.

Gevorg Karapetyan: The Last Mile of AI Product Deployment

Gevorg Karapetyan, the co-founder and CTO of Zero, joins us to discuss the development of generative AI solutions for augmenting knowledge workers. We explore the company’s platform, Hercules, which delivers generative AI solutions for enterprise customers and the productivity benefits it brings. Gevorg also shared his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities in building sustainable and defensible businesses in the era of foundational AI models, as well as the future of co-pilots for knowledge workers.

Davit Baghdasaryan: Voice Productivity AI

In this episode, Davit Baghdasaryan, the co-founder and CEO of Krisp, discusses how his start-up has grown to be a leader in the voice productivity AI space. He shares his thoughts on AI product development in the age of large AI models, and what the newest developments are in the field of voice AI. Davit also talked about his journey of founding BigStory VC, an early-stage venture capital fund in Yerevan and Bazoomq, a non-profit space research lab where Davit is an advisor.

Suzanna Shamakhyan: Finding Innovative Solutions to Education in Armenia

Suzanna Shamakhyan, Vice President of Strategic Programming at the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST), joins us to discuss the organization’s initiatives to improve education and science in Armenia. She breaks down how the current poor state of the country’s education system can be viewed as an opportunity to pilot innovative new solutions. We also discussed FAST’s new Generation AI program, which aims to bring artificial intelligence education to high schools in Armenia.

Khachatur Virabyan: Scaling Design Systems

In this episode, Khachatur Virabyan, the co-founder and CEO of Stylebit, discusses all things design systems. He breaks down how design systems are built, and how Stylebit helps companies track design system metrics such as adoption. Khacatur also spoke about how modern AI systems enable non-technical people to interact with engineering systems through natural language interfaces. He also shared his entrepreneurial journey and the path to finding a product idea that could gain traction in the marketplace.

Hamlet Azarian

Hamlet Azarian: How to Grow a Start-up

Hamlet Azarian, CEO and founder of Azarian Growth Agency joins us to discuss validating start-up ideas, gaining traction, and scaling companies. Azarian breaks down the data-driven approach the agency takes to growth marketing, and what metrics they track to ensure that start-ups reach their growth goals. We also discussed Azarian Growth Agency’s upcoming initiative called “ Growth Academy” that aims to teach growth marketing in Armenia.

Mikael Matossian: Clean Tech and Armenia’s Energy Sector

In this episode, Mikael Matossian, principal at Tetra Tech, discusses Armenia’s energy sector and the progress of clean technologies adoption. We examine the current state of Armenia’s energy production and evaluate several initiatives that aim to expand the share of energy derived from renewable sources in the country. Matossian provides insight into the significance of renewable energy adoption in addressing climate change and offers an overview of global trends and advancements in renewable technology.

Hayk Margaryan: Facilitating Technology Transfer in Armenia

Hayk Margaryan, the CEO of the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NCIE), joins us to discuss initiatives to facilitate technology transfer in Armenia. Margaryan also speaks about the scope of NCIE’s mission, and what plans the center has for the near future. Lastly, we discussed the Mars Simulation Mission, which is scheduled to take place in Armenia in spring of 2024.

Hovakim Zakaryan: Drug Discovery With Reinforcement Learning

In this episode, Hovakim Zakaryan, co-founder and CEO of Denovo Sciences, discusses how his company is using reinforcement learning for drug discovery, making the process faster and more efficient. He shares insights on the challenges involved in drug discovery, and how AI tools can help overcome them. Additionally, Hovakim sheds light on Armenia's biotech industry and makes the case for why strategic investments should be made in this area.

Hayk Tepanyan: Understanding Quantum

Hayk Tepanyan, co-founder and CTO of BlueQubit, joins us to discuss all things quantum computing. We dive into the potential applications of quantum computers, and how BlueQubit's platform can help businesses create roadmaps for quantum adoption in their operations. Additionally, Hayk discusses how BlueQubit's quantum simulator can be used for running experiments and testing potential applications.

Rem Darbinyan: From Computer Vision to Influencer Marketing

Rem Darbinyan, the founder and CEO of Viral Mango and Smart Click, joins us to speak about the work being done in AI and influencer marketing by his companies. During the first half of the show, we delved into Smart Click's technology-as-a-service approach that makes computer vision algorithms accessible through APIs. In the second half, we explored Viral Mango, an influencer marketing platform, and discussed the inner workings of influencer marketing and its effectiveness. We also examined the impact of influencer and social media culture on society.

Nerses Ohanyan: Space Tech and Bridging Armenia With the World

In this episode, we talk to Nerses Ohanyan, co-founder of HyeTech, about the organization’s recent trip to India and their efforts to connect the Armenian tech ecosystem with the rest of the world. We delve into why it's crucial for Armenia to develop its capacities in the space tech ecosystem, and Nerses shares exciting initiatives such as the Bazoomq space research lab, the Kemurdzhian Challenge, and the Armenian Model Rocketry Association.

Gevorg Poghosyan: Exploring the World of Social Enterprises

Gevorg Poghosyan: Exploring the World of Social Enterprises

In this episode, Gevorg Poghosyan, the CEO of Impact Hub Yerevan, discusses VIA Fund, an impact investment fund managed by Impact Hub Yerevan. Gevorg breaks down what impact investing is and how social enterprises differ from traditional businesses, highlighting their potential for scaling and creating positive change. We also delve into Impact Hub's plans to expand their spaces across Armenia.

Davit Buniatyan: Building the Database for AI

Davit Buniatyan: Building the Database for AI

Davit Buniatyan is the co-founder and CEO of Activeloop, a data infrastructure company that specializes in building optimized data lakes for deep learning. Davit discusses the importance of optimized data infrastructures for deep learning and how the MLOps ecosystem is evolving with the rise of foundational models such as GPT. We also explore the exciting future of AI, including the role of multimodal models and how they will shape the landscape of deep learning.

Dr. Anu Noorma: Estonia’s Innovation Ecosystem

Dr. Anu Noorma, the director general of the Estonian Research Council, joins us to discuss the development of Estonia’s scientific and innovation ecosystems over the last 30 years. We also spoke about the importance of communicating the need for public funding of science research to society. Lastly, Dr. Noorma shared her thoughts on how to make innovation more inclusive, so that its positive impacts are felt across all of society.

Tony Safoian: Accelerating Cloud Adoption

Tony Safoian, CEO of SADA Systems, joins us to discuss how his company helps businesses utilize cloud solutions and how current trends in the industry are accelerating the rate of cloud adoption. Lastly, we spoke about SADA’s presence in Armenia, and what the implementation of new cloud infrastructure will bring to the country’s tech ecosystem.

Yervant Zorian: Trends in the Semiconductor Industry

Yervant Zorian, chief architect and fellow at Synopsys, and president of the Synopsys Armenia research and development site, joins us to reflect on the past two decades of Synopsys’ presence in the country. Zorian also discussed the current trends in the semiconductor industry, its impact on the EDA market, and why more companies are increasingly opting to design their own chips in-house.

Gor Nazaryan: Bringing Tech Education to the Regions

Last year, Teach for Armenia launched the Tech4Armenia initiative. The program allows tech professionals to move to underprivileged areas of Armenia and teach computer science while continuing to work remotely in their current roles. Gor Nazaryan, the managing director of talent initiatives at Teach for Armenia joins us to discuss the program’s objectives and the overall state of education in Armenia.

Hayk Chobanyan: Positioning the Armenian Tech Sector Globally

Hayk Chobanyan, the executive director of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE), joins us to discuss several of the organization’s initiatives, including the upcoming Digitec conference and Armath Engineering Laboratories. Hayk also shared with us his thoughts on how the country’s tech sector needs to be positioned globally in order to attract more companies to Armenia.

Gevorg Soghomonyan: The Future of MLOps

Gevorg Soghomonyan is the co-founder and CEO of AimStack, an open-source machine learning experiment tracker. Gevorg shared with us how AimStack tackles the problem of tracking and visualizing ML metadata. We also spoke about his thoughts on the current MLOps landscape and where it is heading. Lastly, Gevorg shared his experience in building a company around an open-source project.

Al Eisaian: Insights From a Career in Tech

Al Eisaian is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in growing Armenia’s tech ecosystem for more than two decades. In this episode of EVN Disrupt he shares with us the insights he’s gained throughout his long career. We also spoke about his current role as CEO of Cognaize, an AI start-up that helps companies extract insights from unstructured data.

Ashot Vardanyan: Building AI While Embracing the Unorthodox

Unum is a deep-tech company focused on designing next-generation AI models and novel database technologies. Ashot Vardanyan, the founder and CEO of the company joins us to speak about his unorthodox journey of becoming a computer scientist and entrepreneur in the deep tech space. We also speak about the current trends in machine learning and what the future holds for the technology.

Viktoria Khechumyan: Armenia’s Blockchain Ecosystem

Viktoria Khechumyan, the CEO of nooor, joins us to discuss the evolution of Armenia’s blockchain ecosystem over the past few years. Nooor is a consulting company that advises on topics related to blockchain technology, including idea validation and talent recruitment. They’ve been involved in developing the blockchain ecosystem in Armenia from the early days. Viktoria also shared her thoughts on current trends in blockchain, and what the coming years hold for the technology.

Narek Vardanyan: The Science of Evaluating Start-up Ideas

What goes into evaluating a start-up idea? What metrics can you monitor to know whether or not your product has a high probability of succeeding in the market? These are the answers that Prelaunch.com is looking to answer. Narek Vardanyan, the co-founder and CEO of the company joins us to discuss how their platform provides entrepreneurs with insights on the market demand for their product, allowing them to make adjustments before launching in order to ensure the highest probability of success.

Raffi Kassarjian: The Armenian Tech Sector in 2022

Raffi Kassarjian, CEO of Sensyan and advisor to the CEO of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises, joins us to recap the major events that took place in Armenia’s tech sector over the last year. We spoke about the state of the global tech sector and how it relates to Armenia’s context, particularly the slowdown of venture capital financing and how start-ups are thinking about their run rates. Raffi also shared his thoughts on the influx of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian tech talent to the country this year, and the arrival of several global tech companies. Lastly, we spoke about the impact of the appreciation of the Armenian dram and its impact on the industry.

SpaceTech denMACH: Building at the Intersection of IoT & Space

SpaceTech denMACH is a Danish space engineering company building solutions at the intersection of IoT (Internet of Things) and satellite communications. The CEO, Sheila Christiansen, and the CTO, Alexandru Csete, join us to discuss how their work is impacting the logistics, smart agriculture and education spaces. Sheila and Alexandru also shared with us their perspective on what approach smaller countries should take to develop their space industries.

Leonid Kirakosyan: Turning Armenia Into an Innovation Hub

Leonid Kirakosyan: Turning Armenia Into an Innovation Hub

Leonid Kirakosyan, a partner at McKinsey & Company, joins us to discuss the importance of digital transformation and making Armenia a more attractive destination for strategic investment. We also spoke about how Armenia’s tech industry can have a larger impact on the economy and what it will take to turn the country into a globally competitive innovation hub, including addressing the talent needs of the ecosystem.

Hovsep Patvakanian: Attracting Top Talent to Armenia

Hovsep Patvakanian: Attracting Top Talent to Armenia

Earlier this year, the Armenian Government announced a new subsidy program to help attract top talent to the country. The program will subsidize anywhere from 20%-70% of the salaries of graduates from top 400 universities or people who have 10 years of work experience at leading global companies. The program was developed jointly by the Investment Council of Armenia and the Ministry of Economy. Hovsep Patvakanian, head of the Investment Council, joins us to discuss the impact he hopes this program will have, and what other legislative proposals they are currently working on. Hovsep also shared with us his take on Armenia’s economic growth in 2022.

Artem Harutyunyan: Automating Tasks With Bardeen

Artem Harutyunyan, the co-founder and CTO of Bardeen, joins us to discuss how his company helps automate browser-based workflows. Bardeen raised a $15.3 million Series A round this year to grow their engineering and AI teams. Artem also shared with us his thoughts on the importance of students from Armenia having opportunities to study at universities abroad, emphasizing the perspective shift that comes from being exposed to new environments, and how they are able to impact Armenia positively when they return to the country.

Dr. Lucy Abgaryan: Finding Treatments for Myotonic Dystrophy

Dr. Lucy Abgaryan: Finding Treatments for Myotonic Dystrophy

Dr. Lucy Abgaryan, the co-founder and CEO of GrittGene Therapeutics, a biotech company based in Los Angeles, California, joins us to discuss how her company is working to find treatments for Myotonic Dystrophy, a rare genetic disorder that causes progressive muscle loss and weakness. Lucy also shared with us her experience in trying to find opportunities to work with the local Armenian biotech industry.

Arsen Stepanyan: Building SaaS Solutions for the Restaurant Industry

Arsen Stepanyan: Building SaaS Solutions for the Restaurant Industry

Arsen Stepanyan, the co-founder and CEO of Orders.co, joins us to discuss what challenges and opportunities there are in building software as a service (SaaS) solutions for the restaurant industry. Orders.co is a Los Angeles-based order and menu management system for small- and medium-sized restaurants. We also discussed Arsen’s efforts to build a team for his company in Armenia, and what lessons he’s drawn from his experience.

Ashot Papoyan and Haig Eskandarian: Biotech and Experimental Biology

Ashot Papoyan and Haig Eskandarian: Biotech and Experimental Biology

This week on EVN Disrupt we are continuing our series of podcasts from the Science and Technology Convergence Conference. Once again, we have two guests on this week’s podcast. Our first guest is Ashot Papoyan, a biotech executive who is the Chief Operating Officer at Biosim and CEO of Elm Tree Research. Our second guest is Haig Eskandarian, a microbiologist at the University of California, San Francisco. With our two guests we spoke about experimental biology and commercializing science findings in the biotech industry.

Viken Douzdjian and Levon Budagyan: Venture Funding and Radar Technology

Viken Douzdjian and Levon Budagyan: Venture Funding and Radar Technology

This week on EVN Disrupt we are continuing our series of podcasts from the Science and Technology Convergence Conference. We have two guests on this week’s podcast. Our first guest is Viken Douzdjian, the managing partner at Argonoutic Ventures. He shared with us his perspective on the Armenian venture capital ecosystem and how he sees the future of venture funding for the Armenian startup ecosystem. Our second guest is Levon Budagyan, the founder of Waveye. Levon is one of the early members of the Armenian tech scene. We discussed with him how the tech industry in Armenia has evolved over the last decade, and the problems they’re working to solve with WaveEye.

Dr. Mary Papazian: The Role of the University Today

Dr. Mary Papazian: The Role of the University Today

This week on EVN Disrupt we are launching a new series of podcasts that were recorded with guests and participants of the Science and Technology Convergence Conference that took place on September 28-29, 2022. Our first guest of the series is Dr. Mary Papazian, the former president of San Jose State University. We discussed the evolving role of the university today, and her thoughts on Armenia’s higher education ecosystem.

Marina Aghayan: 3D Printing Devices for the Medical and Aerospace Industries

This week on EVN Disrupt, Marina Aghayan, the co-founder of AIP Tech and Fact Industries, joins us to discuss the potential that 3D printing has for solving real-world problems. AIP Tech is an Armenian company that 3D prints devices for the medical and aerospace industries. AIP Tech volunteered to help veterans of the 2020 Artsakh War with varying bone injuries with customized 3D implants to help them return to normal life.

Stepan Aslanyan: Accelerating Business Intelligence

This week on EVN Disrupt, Stepan Aslanyan, the co-founder and CEO of Hexact, joins us to discuss the problems they are working on solving by building no-code business intelligence tools. We also discussed Stepan’s long business career in Armenia and his thoughts on the country’s business culture.

Zareh Zurabyan: Understanding the Biotech Ecosystem

Zareh Zurabyan, the head of the Americas division at eLabNext, a European biotech company, joins us to discuss problems the biotech industry is currently working to solve. Zareh describes who the different players in biotech ecosystems are and what trends he is seeing in the industry in 2022. We also discussed his efforts to mentor Armenian start-ups and his thoughts on Armenia’s biotech scene.

Karen Vardanyan: Start-up Financing in 2022

Karen Vardanyan: Start-up Financing in 2022

This week on EVN Disrupt, Karen Vardanyan, a founding partner at FormulaVC, joins us to discuss their firm’s investment strategy and what early stage start-ups they’re seeing in the Armenian ecosystem. We also discussed what the current global economic situation means for Armenian start-ups, and what the future of the venture capital space in Armenia may look like.

Karen Gyulbudaghyan: Crafting Ecosystems

Karen Gyulbudaghyan, the founding partner at Strategic Values Ventures, a strategic advisory firm for global startups, joins us this week to discuss what it takes to build a successful start-up ecosystem. We also spoke about the impact of the Berkeley Skydeck start-up accelerator program, and the Armenian start-ups that have successfully gone through the program.

Aram Kocharyan: Accelerating Blockchain Technology

Aram Kocharyan, the CEO and co-founder of Layerswap, joins us this week to discuss his start-up that optimizes transferring crypto assets from layer-1 to layer-2 networks. Aram shared his journey from a self-taught junior engineer to building a company that has successfully raised investments and closed deals with multi-billion dollar companies. We also discussed a new project that Aram and his colleagues have started to conduct cryptography research in Armenia.

Liana Karapetyan: Angel Investing in Armenia

Liana Karapetyan: Angel Investing in Armenia

Liana Karapetyan, an associate at SmartGateVC and the director of Hero House Angels, joins us this week to discuss angel investing opportunities in Armenian start-ups. The Hero House Angels program allows individual investors from around the world to be connected with the Armenian start-up ecosystem and make investments. We also discussed Armenia’s ecosystem's trajectory as the number of start-ups in the country grows.

Arek Der-Sarkissian: Armenia Tech Trip

This week on EVN Disrupt, Arek Der-Sarkissian from Hero House Glendale joins us to recap the 2022 Armenia Tech Trip, a program that brings tech professionals from the Diaspora to Armenia to familiarize them with the country’s tech sector. During the program participants visit the offices of Armenia’s leading tech companies and participate in networking events with members of the industry. We also discussed Hero House Glendale, a start-up hub in Southern California.

Chinar Movsisyan: Enabling Better Real-World AI

Our guest this week on EVN Disrupt is Chinar Movsisyan, the founder and CEO of Manot, a start-up that helps companies using artificial intelligence identify where their models may fail when users use them in the real world. We also discussed Chinar’s experience as a PhD student, and how effective a path graduate school is for building deep tech start-ups.

Hovsep Patvakanyan: Armenia’s Investment Climate

Hovsep Patvakanyan, the CEO of Invest in Armenia, joins us today to discuss the investment climate in Armenia, and the recently launched Investin.am platform which allows investors to invest in Armenian companies. We also discussed what aspects of Armenia’s economy are attractive for investment, and what reforms are necessary to continue attracting interest from investors.

Albert Poghosyan: Building Up Early Career Tech Professionals

Albert Poghosyan, the founder and Chief Dean of BuildUp Bootcamp, joins us this week to discuss how his organization attempts to prepare junior and mid-level professionals in Armenia’s tech sector for more senior roles. We discussed the project-based curriculum that BuildUp has developed, and what outcomes they are seeing with their first cohort of students.

Motearn by Embry: Combining Wearable Tech with Web3

This week on EVN Disrupt, Naré Gevorgyan and Sargis Karapetyan join us to speak about their start-up, Embry Tech. We discussed their experience building a wearable product company, their move into the Web3 space with Motearn, how they incentivize their users to live more active lives, and how they envision the future of wearable technology. 

Tania Sahakian: Establishing DISQO in Armenia

Tania Sahakian, the regional director for DISQO in Armenia, joins us this week on EVN Report to discuss how DISQO established their office in Armenia in 2018, and how they have grown to a team of over 130 people in the country. We also spoke about the training programs that DISQO runs, and what is needed to fulfill Armenia’s tech sector’s talent needs.

Taron Khachatryan: Entering the Metaverse

Over the last year, the term "metaverse" has become increasingly prevalent in media and culture. This week on EVN Disrupt, Taron Khachatryan, the CEO and founder of Knoxlabs, a virtual reality equipment company based in Los Angeles, joins us to speak about the current state of virtual reality technology, and what the future of the metaverse may look like.

Tigran Shahverdyan: Building Autonomous Systems

Tigran Shahverdyan, the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Robomart, joins us this week on EVN Disrupt to discuss how Robomart is attempting to make fresh produce more accessible through their "store-hailing" platform. We also discussed the future of self-driving vehicles, and Gituzh's initiatives to advance science in Armenia.

Gevorg Poghosyan & Armine Mkrtchyan: Encouraging Collaboration Through the reArmenia Platform

Gevorg Poghosyan, the CEO and co-founder of reArmenia, and board member Armine Mkrtchyan, join us this week on EVN Disrupt to speak about reArmenia, a crowdsourcing platform that encourages collaboration on a variety of projects in Armenia. We also spoke about the recent developments regarding regulating equity crowdfunding in Armenia, and how it can encourage more investment in Armenian companies.

Hrant Khachatrian: Building a Research Lab From the Ground Up

Hrant Khachatrian, the founder and director of YerevaNN, a machine learning research lab, joins us this week on EVN Disrupt to tell us the story of how YerevaNN was built at a time when there was very little machine learning activity in Yerevan. We also spoke about the state of scientific research in Armenia and what is needed to significantly develop and boost research activity in the country.

Ashot Arzumanyan: Investing in Armenian Start-ups

The first guest of the newly launched Creative Tech podcast series, "EVN Disrupt" is Ashot Arzumanyan, a partner at SmartGateVC, a venture capital fund focusing on early stage start-ups. We discussed the Armenian start-up ecosystem, how it has evolved over the last four years and what we can expect from the Armenian tech sector in the near future. 0:00 Introduction/ 0:52 Founding of SmartGate VC/ 3:50 Tim Draper's investment in SmartGate/ 8:28 Evolution of Armenia's start-up ecosystem/ 15:55 Rise of product companies in Armenia/ 19:04 Recent investments in Armenian start-ups/ 29:26 Hero House LA, Diasporan start-ups/ 35:19 Challenges/ 37:58 Future of SmartGate and the ecosystem