Illustration by Harut Tumaghyan.

Water is a source of renewal, purification and regeneration. It is essential for all forms of life. Humans wouldn’t be able to survive for more than three days without it. Today, over 2 billion people across the world experience high water stress. Today, nearly one-sixth of the world population does not have access to potable water, one-third cannot afford to use water for their household needs, more than 1 billion people use less than six liters of water per day and another 4 million people die each year from water related diseases.

These facts underscore water’s importance across key development issues and highlight the need of placing water and its responsible use at the core of sustainable development. These facts are also concerning for Armenia, considering how the issues of water scarcity and water security will potentially compound the already-complex problems facing the South Caucasus.

In the July 2021 magazine issue, titled “Water,” you can find articles on water security, the challenges of irrigation for Armenian farmers, the threat facing Lake Sevan and how water is the source of ancient Armenian traditions.

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