Samson Avetian

Samson Avetian is the co-founder and VP of Angel Investor Club of Armenia ( He is the author of the book: “Armenian Economy: the Next 25 Years”. Samson Avetian is also an Adjunct Lecturer at American University of Armenia and Invited instructor at YSM University’s Executive MBA program. Other engagements include board memberships and advisory.

Articles by Samson Avetian

Breaking Down Pashinyan’s 2050 Economic Targets

In August 2019, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan set ambitious targets to be achieved by 2050, including a population of 5 million, 1.5 million new jobs, eliminating poverty, and a GDP 15 times greater than today’s figures. Samson Avetyan focuses specifically on the GDP growth target and examines the likelihood of hitting such a goal by 2050.

Aligning Communication, Policy and Finance: Where Are We on the Road to a Knowledge Economy?

State budget allocations for education, science and research domains are particularly important, writes Samson Avetian. As labor force quality is one of the main drivers of productivity growth, this variable is critical for Armenia to flourish.

U.S. Sanctions and Iran: Potential Impact on Armenia’s Economy

Economist Samson Avetian takes a brief look at the history of complicated relations between the U.S. and Iran. He argues that economic relations between Armenia and Iran are unlikely to see significant changes even in light of Iran’s escalating tensions with the West.

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