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May 14, 2024
Emmanuel Ghandilyan: Bioinks and the Future of Medicine

Emmanuel Ghandilyan: Bioinks and the Future of Medicine

Emmanuel Ghandilyan, co-founder and CEO of Foldink, joins us to discuss the world of bioprinting and how bioinks, the source material used to 3D print biological materials, will fuel innovation in regenerative medicine, cell cultured foods, and personalized medicine. Emmanuel shared with us his company’s approach to producing bioinks, and the promise the technology holds for the future of medicine and other advancements in biological sciences.

June 6, 2023

Hovakim Zakaryan: Drug Discovery With Reinforcement Learning

In this episode, Hovakim Zakaryan, co-founder and CEO of Denovo Sciences, discusses how his company is using reinforcement learning for drug discovery, making the process faster and more efficient. He shares insights on the challenges involved in drug discovery, and how AI tools can help overcome them. Additionally, Hovakim sheds light on Armenia's biotech industry and makes the case for why strategic investments should be made in this area.