June 2, 2023

Ep. 236: The Week in Review (02.06.23)

In EVN Report’s news roundup for the week of June 2, 2023: The leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan meet in Chisinau on the sidelines of the European Political Community Summit; Armenia applies to the ECHR requesting the court to indicate provisional measures for the protection of the rights of two Armenian soldiers captured by Azerbaijan; a statement issued by the U.S. State Department causes a stir in Armenia and Artsakh.

March 25, 2022

Ep. 180: The Week in Review (25.03.22)

In EVN Report’s news roundup for the week of March 25: Azerbaijan violates the ceasefire regime in Artsakh, dangerously escalating the situation while the world’s attention is focused on Ukraine; Armenia applies to the ECHR, asking the court to take urgent measures against Azerbaijan for violating the rights of the people of Artsakh; after briefly restoring natural gas supply to Artsakh, Azerbaijan shuts it down again, leaving residents without heat in freezing temperatures and more.

November 5, 2021
Ep. 162: The Week in Review (05.11.21)

Ep. 162: The Week in Review (05.11.21)

In EVN Report’s news roundup for the week of November 5: Covid numbers continue to surge in the country; the ECHR obliges Baku to pay compensation to the families of two Armenian captives in cases dating back to 2014; as the anniversary of the trilateral statement that ended the 2020 Artsakh War nears, the Kremlin says it will present a comprehensive report.

May 20, 2020

Philip Leach: ECHR and the Right to Life

Professor Philip Leach is the lead counsel in the ECHR case of Makuchyan and Minasyan v. Hungary and Azerbaijan. He spoke to EVN Report about the May 26 Chamber judgment, which found Azerbaijan in procedural violation of Article 2 (right to life) of the European Convention on Human Rights. The case involved the 2012 extradition to Azerbaijan of Ramil Safarov, who murdered Lt. Gurgen Margaryan in Budapest, Hungary in 2004. Safarov received a hero’s welcome in Baku, was granted a presidential pardon, received an apartment, was promoted to Major and received eight years worth of backpay. Phillip Leach is a professor of Human Rights Law at Middlesex University and the director of the European Human Rights Advocacy Center.

April 23, 2018
Freedom of Information is Jeopardized

Freedom of Information is Jeopardized

One of the most effective ways for authorities to control freedom of speech is to adopt and implement laws and other legal mechanisms that try to curb the work of the media. Shushan Doydoyan takes a looks at recent amendments in the RA law that have served this purpose.