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April 16, 2024

Hrant Davtyan: LLMs for Data Analytics and Document Understanding

Hrant Davtyan, founder and CEO of Metric and Pinsight, joins us to discuss how his company is building open source LLMs that are able to conduct analytics and extract insights from documents. Pinsight’s product, Anania, allows users to speak directly with their data – asking questions such as how much revenue the company generated last month, or when was the last time a certain customer placed an order. Hrant also shared with us the journey of finding a product that can gain market traction in the era of generative AI, and his thoughts on what ideas are worth pursuing in the AI space.

February 13, 2024

Karine Martirosyan: Building Virtual Fitting Rooms

Karine Martirosyan, the founder and CEO of Wearify, joins us to discuss her start-up’s vision for helping online consumers try on clothes virtually before buying them. Karine shares how Wearify builds 3D avatars of their users so that they can see how clothes look on them while shopping online, just as they would in a real store. We also spoke about the role that 3D avatars will take on in the coming years as digital environments become increasingly used for a variety of use cases. Lastly, Karine shared her thoughts on how to decentralize tech in Armenia and promote greater activity outside of Yerevan.

January 9, 2024

Samson Avetian: Democratizing Start-up Investing in Armenia

Samson Avetian, the founder and CEO of Eqwefy, joins us to speak about how the platform they’re building is helping enable non-traditional investors to invest in Armenian start-ups. Samson also shared his thoughts on the importance of educating society on personal finance, and encouraging more investing throughout society.

December 12, 2023

Arman Atoyan: Augmenting Reality

Arman Atoyan, founder and CEO of ARLOOPA, joins us to discuss all things augmented and virtual reality. We discussed how his company enables anyone to build augmented reality (AR) experiences and content using the ARLOOPA platform. Arman also shared with us the history of AR, how it’s developed over the last decade, and what capabilities can be expected in upcoming releases from the major players in AR.

September 5, 2023

Mariam Torosyan: Building a Virtual Safe Space for Women

Mariam Torosyan, the CEO and founder of Safe YOU, joined us to discuss her platform's mission to empower women by providing tools to report cases of sexual and domestic violence, seek help, and to create a virtual safe space for women. We delved into the progress Safe YOU has made since its inception three years ago, including the thoughtful consideration of various cultural factors that guide their implementation strategies. Lastly, Mariam shared her insights on the current state of women in the tech industry in Armenia, highlighting the efforts and challenges in ensuring that women not only have access to opportunities but are also encouraged to establish companies and assume leadership roles.

July 4, 2023
Hamlet Azarian

Hamlet Azarian: How to Grow a Start-up

Hamlet Azarian, CEO and founder of Azarian Growth Agency joins us to discuss validating start-up ideas, gaining traction, and scaling companies. Azarian breaks down the data-driven approach the agency takes to growth marketing, and what metrics they track to ensure that start-ups reach their growth goals. We also discussed Azarian Growth Agency’s upcoming initiative called “ Growth Academy” that aims to teach growth marketing in Armenia.

May 9, 2023

Rem Darbinyan: From Computer Vision to Influencer Marketing

Rem Darbinyan, the founder and CEO of Viral Mango and Smart Click, joins us to speak about the work being done in AI and influencer marketing by his companies. During the first half of the show, we delved into Smart Click's technology-as-a-service approach that makes computer vision algorithms accessible through APIs. In the second half, we explored Viral Mango, an influencer marketing platform, and discussed the inner workings of influencer marketing and its effectiveness. We also examined the impact of influencer and social media culture on society.

March 10, 2021
Tavush: Synergy and Harmony in Development

Tavush: Synergy and Harmony in Development

Inga Harutyunyan is the founder and executive director of Pahapan Development Foundation that implements sustainable projects in borderline regions, primarily in Tavush, to ensure economic prosperity, welfare and safety. She spoke about a number of their projects, including building playground shelters for children. Harutyunyan is also the advisor to the Governor of Tavush and explained how their model of coordinating development aid to mitigate overlaps and duplication has led to more efficient delivery of services.