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December 10, 2021

Ep. 167: The Week in Review (10.12.21)

In EVN Report’s news roundup for the week of December 10: Azerbaijani Armed Forces open fire along Armenia’s eastern border this afternoon, leaving one soldier dead and several others wounded; five Armenian POWs have been detained after their return for violating the duties of military service; the International Court of Justice orders provisional measures for Armenia and Azerbaijan.

November 4, 2020
Failure to Prevent and Protect

Failure to Prevent and Protect

In Stepanakert, EVN Report spoke with Artsakh's Ombudsman Artak Beglaryan about the political decisions of the international community and the reasons for the artificial parity in their vocabulary, their failure to realize that authoritarian regimes do not understand the language of statements but that of action and their failure to prevent, followed by their failure to protect.