Issue N30

Over the last few years, as Armenia has faced tremendous security challenges, a full-scale war and unprecedented uncertainty, the country’s tech ecosystem has at times appeared to be the only corner of the country from which there has been a stream of positive news. Dozens of Armenian start-ups have successfully launched new and innovative products, while attracting substantial investments, including from prominent venture capital funds such as Sequoia, Sierra Ventures and AI Fund.

Motivated by the lack of global awareness and understanding surrounding Armenia’s tech sector, EVN Report published “374,” the first print tech magazine in Armenia. The inaugural issue sheds light on the fascinating work being carried out by Armenia’s most innovative companies across various sectors such as AI, education, blockchain, and biotech. Additionally, we explore the necessary steps to ensure that the recent success witnessed in the industry translates into sustainable and inclusive growth for both the sector and the entire country.

The magazine issue for June features some of the pieces found in “374”. We are delighted to feature prominent voices like Nina Achadjian, Armen Orujyan, Raffi Kassarjian, Ashot Arzumanyan, and Hovsep Patvakanyan, who provide valuable insights on these topics.

Cover by Armine Shahbazyan.

Why Should You Open a Business in Armenia?

Although relatively unknown, Armenia is a country where culture meets innovation. Situated between Europe and Asia, it has been able to draw on the strengths of both worlds. Despite the geopolitical reality, now is the time to open a business in Armenia, writes Hovsep Patvakanyan.

Nina Achadjian: What’s Next for Venture Capital and Tech?

In this Q&A, founding partner of HIVE Ventures and partner at Index Ventures, Nina Achadjian discusses her experience in venture capital and where she sees the Armenian ecosystem heading with EVN Report’s Njdeh Satourian.

From Dream to Reality: The Future Land of Innovators and Achievers

Being unafraid of testing and failing multiple times is essential for continuous learning and growth. Meaningful progress can be achieved by guiding innovation efforts through a deliberate and strategic approach over the next 20-30 years, writes Armen Orujyan.

Innovation Is Not Accidental

The 20th century witnessed unprecedented technological leaps for several forward-thinking nations, significantly improving the well-being of their economies and societies. This was the product of deliberate public-private efforts aimed at fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth in strategic areas.

Why We Fail at Utilizing the Diaspora’s Potential

Since the 2020 Artsakh War, discussions about Armenia-Diaspora collaboration have become more active. Through his own personal experience, scientist Hrant Khachatrian lays out his vision for effective cooperation.

What’s Next for Tech in the Mountains

The tech industry in Armenia has seen tremendous growth in size, success of new start-ups and performance against objective measures. How close is the country to another “inflection point” signaling entry into the next stage and level of growth and success?