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Not everything has its designated place, and the function or dysfunction of everything cannot be finely tuned for a description. Raw & Unfiltered is that space on EVN Report where some of the most critical stories and our most dysfunctional, domestic, and utilitarian elements coexist alongside narratives, history, and the hypothetical. Much like a society—any society—it serves as a catch-all drawer of Armenia, encompassing its past, the Armenian diaspora, and the histories of both.


Դու ես քո գլխի տերը․ միայնակ հիվանդները Հայաստանում

Lone Patients

In Armenia, patients who are alone, with no immediate family or a caregiver often find themselves in difficult circumstances. Unfortunately, it seems that there is not yet a solution to this problem.

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Ծննդաբերություն դուլայի օգնությամբ

Giving Birth With a Doula

While doulas are still uncommon in Armenia, some women are turning to them to help their birthing process be a more positive and empowering experience. Doulas provide emotional support, knowledge and are a reassuring presence to help women navigate the journey of childbirth.

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