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The Forks on the Road to the Academic City

The proposed Academic City aspires to reform the higher education system and boost the quality and competitiveness of research in the country. However, the ambitious project has come under scrutiny not just for leaving the fate of existing universities and their buildings unclear, but also with respect to its conceptualization, planning as well as the cost and effectiveness of its realization.
Ընտանեկան խճանկար․ ո՞րն է ավանդականը

The Family Puzzle: Which Is Traditional?

A number of factors have continuously impacted the family structure in Armenia. Despite concerns that the influence of Western culture is causing the traditional multigenerational family to break down, nuclear and alternative family structures have been around in Armenia much longer than many believe.

But Now I Dance

But Now I Dance

As the lights dim on the stage of the Opera, it’s not difficult to imagine that 136 pieces of shrapnel and bullets have been removed from the bodies of the boys on stage. As they dance, all one sees is their passion to keep living.

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